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Special thanks go out to the pre-beta testers that test the constant changes before anyone else gets to see it. When they say there are no problems then I release the code to the others.

  • Irene Serrano
  • Jesus Irausquin
  • Didac Lopez
  • Ricardo Fermin
  • Patrick Bielen
  • Christian Geisert
  • Nicola Ken Barozzi - Donated code for the SQL Query Wizard and Spooled File

Without their constant testing and feedback there would be a lot more bugs.

For changes to the current version/release please see the CHANGELOG.txt file.

Comments, questions, bug reports and patches are much appreciated - please subscribe to the list and post them there if at all possible at

To post to the list, send mail to

If that's too much trouble, email me at the following:

Make sure you reference tn5250j in the subject or there is a chance I might delete it without opening the mail.