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This version of the emulator includes support to send screen to e-mail.

Setting up e-mail support

  1. Download the e-mail api's from sun. You will need two packages.
  2. Unzip the files into there respective directories. I use the same directory names as provided within the zip files.


Copy the file activation.jar from the /jaf-1.0.1 file to the SAME DIRECTORY as the tn5250j.jar.

Copy the files

  • mail.jar
  • mailapi.jar
  • smtp.jar

to the SAME DIRECTORY as the tn5250j.jar.

If you list the directory where the tn5250j.jar file is you should see 4 files with the extension .jar. If this is not true then go to step one of Deployment and start again.

Configure E- mail

Step 1 - Start E-Mail by hitting the Alt-E or selecting from popup menu

You can select one of the two menu items from Send Screen

Step 2 - You will then be presented with the following dialog

Select Configure from the row of buttons at the bottom of the dialog

Step 3 - Fill in the values on SMTP Properties Configuration dialog

SMTP Properties Configuration dialog fields
Entry Description 
Host  Fill in the host name or ip address of your SMTP mail server. 
Port  Fill in the port to use to connect 
From  This is the e-mail address from. For example I would place here as follows:  
Attachment Name  The name to use as the attachement that will be sent.  

Step 4 - Click the left button labeled Done

You will then be brought back to the Send E-Mail dialog. Here the Configure button will be changed to Edit Config showing that the information was saved and is now available for editing and all should be ready to send.

Step 5 - Fill in the information on the screen

When finished filling in the information on the screen click the button, marked Send, on left from the row of buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

You should now have successfully sent the message.