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File Transfers

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TN5250j will allow the exporting of file from the host AS400 in different formats.

The following formats are supported:

  • HTML
  • Open Office 1.0.1
  • Excel - BIFF 2
  • KSpread KDE Spreadsheet
  • Delimited
  • Fixed Width

I have only been able to test with with OS/400 V4R5 so if there are any problems with offsets of fields please let me know
For the filters if the numbers do not show up correctly try downloading with the other decimal separator.

Transfer of File

Step 1 - Right click to obtain the popup menu

Select Export -> File from the menu or Alt-T to go directly to the Transfer Screen

You will then be presented with the following screen

Step 2 - Fill in the fields

The following table describes the fields that are presented on the dialog

Field Descriptions
Field Name Description 
System Name  The DNS name or IP address of the system that you want to connect download files from 
File Name  The host file name that you want to download. The default root directory is probably QGPL so you will have to supply the full name of the file in the format of LIBRARY/FILE.MEMBER 
User  User Id for security signon 
Password  Password for the user id specified 
Use Query  When selected a text box will show up where you can enter the sql statement to use for the transfer - format of files are library.file/member 
Start Query Wizard  When the Use Query box is checked this button will become available. Click the button and a Sql Query Wizard will be presented. 
Field Selection 
  • All Fields - All fields will be selected from the file or query
  • Selected Fields - A selection panel with all fields will be presented for selection of whether to include them in the output or not
Field Text 
  • Full - This is the full length text from the file
  • Internal - This is the internal field description
File Format 
  • HTML
  • Open Office 1.0.1
  • Excel - BIFF 2
  • KSpread KDE Spreadsheet
  • Delimited
  • Fixed Width
Customize  This button will become available if the filter can be customized from its default action. 
PC File Name  The local file name where the data is to be placed. The default directory is the path of the emulator. If you want to place it somewhere else you will need to specify the full path name where to place it. 
Browse  This button will present a save as dialog 
Decimal Separator  Select the decimal separator to be used for formatting numbers.
  • [.] Period
  • [,] Comma
Having the decimal separator character different from the local may cause problems with numbers not being formatted correctly.

Step 3 - Select the typ of file you would like to have output from the drop down box

Step 4 - Customize filter

If the Customize button next to the File Format is available you can click it to further define the filter from the default settings.

In the Delimited Output Options you can type in the combo box to select a different option than what is provided.

When you are finished with the customization click the ok button.

Step 5 - Select the download option

Select either Transfer data from AS400 or E-mail it! You will then be presented with the "File Transfer progress ..." dialog

Step 6 - E-mail your transfer

You will receive the following screen if you selected the E-mail option.

Click the send button to send the file.


If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.