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The emulator also allows the recording of macros. There is still no way to remove macros. Unless someone wants to take a stab at it themselves.

Accessing, Recording and executing macros

Right click on session screen pulls up a menu as follows:


After getting the popup menu you will see an option for macros if you have followed the explanation above. When you place your cursor over the Macros item a list of all available macros will appear.


Clicking on Record will then prompt you with text box asking for the name of the macro.


Enter the name of the macro and select the OK button to start recording.


The macro name can not contain blanks.

1.Start keying your information as you would normally.

2. When you are finish right click mouse and the following popup will be presented.


3) Select the option Stop Recording menu option.

4) To execute the macro right click and navigate to Macros. You should now see your macro in the list. Click it to execute the script.