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Menu Options

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  • Copy -
  • Copies bounded area or if no bounded area selected copies the screen to the clipboard to be pasted
  • Paste -
  • Pastes clipboard data to the screen
  • Paste Special -
  • This will paste the data from the clipboard stripping all non letter and non numeric characters.
                                     Display Report
                                                  Report width . . . . . :     556
     Position to line  . . . . .              Shift to column  . . . . . .
     Line   ....+....1....+....2....+....3....+....4....+....5....+....6....+....7..
            Opening Branch......  Company Id..........  Application Code....       A
     000001         1,091                00069                   D
     000002         2,010                00069                   D
     000003         2,010                00069                   D
     000004         2,010                00069                   D
     000005         2,010                00069                   D

    The Opening Branch...... field has a comma within the field, if you do just a regular copy and paste into a field you would get 1,091 which sometimes is not formatted correctly so you would use the paste special and what would be pasted is 1091

  • Selected columns and Selected rows -
  • shows the status of the selection. We use this to count the characters of a selection. Note these two entries will only show up if there is a bounded area specified.
  • Sum Area -
  • This option will only show up if there was a bounded area selected for example copy and paste.

    You can select two different formats to parse numbers. The Grouping separator as ',' and a '.' as Decimal Separator, #,###.## or the grouping seaparator as '.' and a ',' as Decimal Separator, #.###,## .

  • Print Screen -
  • Prints the screen
  • Keyboard -
  • Presents a list of keyboard options that can be selected from the menu.
  • System Request -
  • Issues a System Request to the AS400 system
  • Help -
  • NOTE this is not application help but the help key that is sent to the AS400
  • Host Print -
  • This will send a host print to the AS400 which will print the screen to the users spool
  • Display Messages -
  • Will only display if there are messages waiting (ie. the MW light is on). When the option is selected the messages will be displayed. Alt + M will also do this but you can press this at any time.
  • Hex Map -
  • Displays a hex map of ASCII characters that can be inserted into the current field
  • Map Keys -
  • Displays a window to allow remapping of the keys for the emulator
  • Settings -
  • Displays a window to allow the changing of the font, colors, cursor size and column separator.
  • Macros -
  • If there are macros defined then this item will be displayed. It will have a submenu of all macros defined across the sessions. More information can be found in the macros.txt file.
  • Export -
  • From this menu item you can select to export a file or a spool file.
  • File... -
  • The user is presented with a screen to fill out the file information to be downloaded. More information can be found in the filetransfers.txt file.
  • Spool... -
  • The user is presented with a screen to select the spool file to export. More information can be found in the spoolexport.txt file.
  • Send Screen -
  • Send screen via e-mail. More information can be found in the e-mail.txt file.
  • Connect/Disconnect -
  • This is a toggle switch. When connected this entry will read Disconnect and when disconnected this item will read Connect.
  • Close this session -
  • Will popup a options panel that will allow you to close the current session or all sessions and remove the sessions from the session tab panel.

Left mouse button held down allows you to specify a bounding area.

English Version

Right click on session screen pulls up a menu as follows: