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This version of the emulator allows scripting using the python language. This is accomplished using the jython library.

Jython Home Page

What is it

You can interract with the emulator such as:

 screen = _session.getScreen()


to send keystrokes.

---------------------------- Popup frames and labels: ----------------------------

 win = swing.JFrame("tn5250j test window")
 win.size = (300,400)
 win.contentPane.background = awt.Color.white
 label = swing.JLabel("Hello all you tn5250j'ers script writers")
 label.foreground =

------------------- Access to fields: -------------------

 screen = _session.getScreen()

 screenfields = screen.getScreenFields()

 fields = screenfields.getFields()

 for x in fields:
     print x.toString()
     print x.getText()

 print "number of fields %s " % screenfields.getSize()


Now the fun part. Repetative tasks. This is really cool as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------

 screen = _session.getScreen()

 while not _session.isStopMacroRequested():

Four lines and you have a continuas refresh every 5 seconds until you turn it off.

The session.isStopMacroRequested() is very important here!!!

Is this not the best thing ever.

All in python. Very powerful and fun to write.


1. go to and download the latest release.

2. install jython. Follow their directions. It is very simple

Steps one and two are only necessary if you want to have the full jython environment. It is not necessary to install the full package as it is distributed with the emulator via CVS or within the file in the downloads section. Go ahead and download it to show them your support. You will also be able to test out the functionality of the jython in an interactive environment.

3. checkout or update from CVS the tn5250j emulator.

4. move the jython.jar file from where you installed jython and place it in your libs directory of the build directory. This will follow the same procedure as for setting up e-mail. Tip: you do not have to install jython on every computer just the jython.jar file.

5. from command line for ant execute the following >ant all

Step five is for compiling from CVS only. If you downloaded the file then you have all the files necessary.

6. Create a directory underneath called "scripts". This is hardcoded so that all scripts are based off the scripts directory.

7. When everything builds, fire up the emulator making sure the jython.jar file is in the directoy, same as for setting up e-mail.

Make sure the jython.jar file is in the same directory you installed the tn5250j.jar.

8. Copy the sample scripts to the scripts directory. Available in the source download.

9. Hit Alt-R to receive a Run Script prompt and type in the full name of the script. Such as or

10. Or from the popup menu all the scripts in the directory should appear in the macros sub menu