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Secure Socket

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Starting with version 0.5.5 and current 0.5.5beta3 the emulator will now support Secure Sockets.

SSL will only work for version 1.4 of Sun's JDK and/or JRE at this time. We are looking into supporting 1.3 as well.

Big thanks goes to Steve Kennedy for writing the support code for the emulator

Please refer to the Building with Ant link here for steps to including SSL support into the build process.

Live Demo Applet

Check out the live demo of the applet. You can select to use which socket connection type.

First you will need to set up the java policy file for applet access. Instructions can be found here

You can try out a live demo here

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know. If you have code changes PLEASE PLEASE send them to me.